Jan Sabro


Stacking armchair, beechwood frame, upholstered back and seat.

Dimension & Weight

lbs 47¾ - cu ft 13¾ - 2 x box


6_sim1 33¼"
7_sim2 22½"
8_sim3 21¾"
9_sim4 18½"
88_sedutapoggiabraccio 26½"
77_Simbolotessuto 57 cm



Alternative proposals

Jan Sabro

Jan Sabro was born in Oslo (Norway) on 17th January 1948.He attended the Art School in Oslo (Statene Kunst & Handverkskole) and graduated in 1976.After 15 years he decided to move to Italy as a chair and furniture designer. He lives in Manzano (Udine), which is also known as the world capital for chairs and he collaborates with the most important companies in the district.His drawings and projects are sold all over the world and he has won several awards, among which the “Top Ten” at the Interna ...

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