Domitalia Design


Stacking armchair, beechwood frame, upholstered back and seat

Dimension & Weight

Kg. 12,2 - m3 0,32 - 1 x box


1_sedute01 91
2_sedute02 56
3_sedute03 60
4_sedute04 48
5_sedute05 68,5
77_Simbolotessuto 23¾"



Alternative proposals

Domitalia Design

A group of people who experience the company daily, and who know its specific qualities, makes up a heritage for the development of ideas, which come from tangible internal needs. This is how Domitalia’s know-how is maximized and is crucial for the creation of custom products or products meant for all those markets whose strengths are to be found in productive rationalization, in the industrialization of sales requests and in rapidity in implementation in their creative process. A virtu ...

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