Luigi Semeraro

Product, interior designer and street artist, he graduates at the Faculty of Design at Politecnico of Milan. In the course of his training he had the opportunity to develop thanks to academic and professional experiences in Italy and abroad, ranging from product to interior design and on to graphics. 
He begins his career with various designers and design studios ( William Sawaya, Mario and Claudio Bellini and  Lorenz-Kaz Studio just to mention a few). He subsequently starts his individual career by attending the Salone Satellite at the Milan Furniture Fair, presenting his first collection of items. 
He has simultaneously matured, in the academic sphere, various experiences as an expert of materials at the Faculty of Design at the Politecnico of Milan for the many design courses and workshops with important companies. 
He currently divides his work in interior design projects, collaborations with design companies  (DOMITALIA, MINIFORMS, MIRABELLO, EMMEI, F2DESIGN, ANTONIO LUPI) and as a street artist, contaminating the different disciplines and drawing mutual inspiration from them.
Luigi Semeraro

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