The professional relationship between the designer Diego Bassetti and the architect Andrea Panzieri has been continuing since 2005, when they met at Bruno Rainaldi's architecture and design studio RA.RI. 
They immediately shared a wonderful sense of human and professional understanding based on their mutual respect for their surrounding reality. This understanding drove them to work together for many years and to learn the project techniques and styles of their master by collaborating with the studio to develop numerous national and international projects. 
Later, they decided to pursue their activities on their own, in a space that allowed them to express themselves as much as possible, while preserving the initial spirit that had animated them over these long years of growth and collaboration with their master. As a result, and thanks to their project affinity, they decided to found a design studio together in 2010.
"Studio 14:" a number they have shared since childhood as they were born and raised in the same neighborhood, on the same street and at the same number, 14. 
One of the strong points that distinguishes Studio 14 is the ability to take on projects in different disciplines such as architecture, interior design, product design, exhibition set-ups, art direction and graphics thanks to the excellent planning and organizational skills of its partners. They work with leading companies in the lighting and furniture industry and can count on the support of a network of external professionals with experience in various sectors who help them develop and implement innovative projects. 

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