Orlandini & Radice


Chair, steel frame, fabric cover

Dimension & Weight

lbs 37 - cu ft 12¾ - 2 x boxes


B9 B9
B14 B14
B7 B7
B8 B8
N3 N3
N756 N756
N516 N516
1_sedute01 37¾"
2_sedute02 27¼"
3_sedute03 17¾"
4_sedute04 17¾"



Alternative proposals

Orlandini & Radice

Designers having their own personal and incisive style. Graduated at the Polytechnic University of Milan, the former in industrial design, the latter in architecture, they meet at the LUCCI & ORLANDINI  Studio after various work experiences. Andrea Radice is curious, he loves sports and culture and is always in search of new and interesting stimuli. Folco Orlandini is keen on Man, on his infinite potentialities and on life in every form and expression, he is stimulated by the metropolitan pulsat ...

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