Domitalia supports the Solemn Ostension of the Shroud in 2015

Sunday, April 19th, in Turin, the doors of the cathedral of San Giovanni will reopen and the Ostension of the Holy Shroud will begin. It will go on for 67 days, until June 24th, and will allow hundreds of thousands of pilgrims to see and warship the Cloth, which, according to tradition, had covered Jesus after being taken down from the cross. Turin is getting ready to host 3 million pilgrims. A one of a kind event where Domitalia, together with ASDI Sedia, will show its support with the white Phantom armchairs that were designed by Radice Orlandini design studio. The armchairs will decorate the VIP rooms of the Royal Palace of Turin, the official location where the most important institutional meetings are scheduled for the occasion. The company has always been sensitive to art and culture. Domitalia sees the artistic tradition as an indelible heritage of the Italian contemporary furniture traditions and inspirations. A culture that is also an Art for the materials, shapes and finishes achieved by this company from the Friuli region and which ensures a prominent position on the global market.

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