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  • I am a private not operating as a business entity. Can I purchase from you directly at the factory?

    No, our company does not operate with privates. It is however easy to find one of our dealers next to you. You can quickly search for one in the “store locator” section in our website.

  • I am in doubt on a purchase. Can I combine a wooden table with a metal chair?

    Of course you can. Nowadays blends of styles and materials are more and more well regarded. A wooden table can be combined with metal frame chairs (better if chromed) with an upholstered seat and back. Even with a totally metal chair, possibly with a special back. Does our chair Dora bring something to mind?

  • Are your products made in Italy?

    Our products are chiefly made in Italy, with very few exceptions. We certify the origin of our articles with product sheets as well, on which stating the origin of the product is compulsory as prescribed by law.

  • Can we purchase tables in special sizes from you?

    When we develop our articles we always try to follow the market’s demands, even as regards the sizes of tables tops. Our collection is very wide-ranging and covers a very vast field of both finishes and sizes. This helps in finding the right table for every setting, even though our company does not customize items for single pieces.

  • How can I find more technical details on your products?

    The pictures you can see on our company website often have technical information on the articles illustrated. Additional information can be obtained from our videos or by means of the product configurators which can surfed or downloaded on the website.

  • I need to reassemble one of your products, but I do not have the assembly instructions any longer. What can I do?

    Write to us at, make sure you indicate the correct name of the article and the dealer from whom you purchased it. You will receive assembly instructions via e-mail as soon as possible.

  • I cannot ask the store from which I bought your model for help any longer. Who can I ask for assistance?

    Contact the store nearest to you and explain your problem to the staff. They will be glad to help a new potential client. You can find our dealers on our website in the “store locator” section.

  • How can I do maintenance and clean your products?

    Neutral cleaning products are recommended for any kind of maintenance. Never use chemical or aggressive detergents. Should you have to do special maintenance, contact the dealer from whom you purchased the product.

  • I bought a chair some time ago and I have damaged the seat. Can I buy only the seat?

    This depends on the model . You can often buy it, if it is a seat easy to disassemble. The dealer from whom you bought the product can help you request the spare part you need.

  • Are your products tested? What kind of tests do you carry out?

    Most of our articles are also used in the contract market. This sector has higher resistance standards than the ones for domestic use. In any case, we carry out in-house testing with specific machinery on all our products before starting to manufacture them on a normal basis. We are also CATAS members (Italian research institute and test laboratory in the wood and furniture field), a laboratory authorized by the Ministry of Internal Affairs to carry out all the most significant tests for furniture products. Most of our chairs are accordingly certified by this institute as well.

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